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It seems I forgot to update yesterday (the post dated July 9 was from the wee hours of the morning from having forgotten to update on July 8), so today will have two posts!

And, of course, only fitting that I should pick the song from which the album name derives.

A momentary lapse of reason
That binds a life to a life
The one regret
You'll never forget
There'll be no sleep in here tonight

Danish radio seems to have missed the existence of Harry Chapin, which is a damn shame to my way of thinking.
Danmarks Radio's P4 (regional programming) just LOOOOOOOVES Katie Melua. If I listened to P4 more often, I'd probably hear this song like once a day. Seriously.

6th-Jul-2010 08:18 pm - NOOOOOOO!
O Great LJ Overmind, did anyone rip the brilliant new Muppets Studio video (the Swedish Chef one with popcorn shrimp) before it got taken down for copyright violation? Poor Lars hasn't seen it yet, and I so loved it...
Sometimes, overexposure kills.

Worst part yet, my mom convinced me to sing it at the reception my parents held for their 50th wedding anniversary in January, because it's my dad's fave. Gag me.
Given the general theme of these two songs, it's entirely appropriate that I couldn't choose just one for today's entry.

(not my preferred version of the 2nd one, but the record company sitting on the video disabled embedding)

I am 32 flavors and then some

I'm a little bit of everything
All rolled into one
Well, annamatic took "Friends in Low Places", so I had to dig a bit deeper. Did anyone actually expect me to love this one?


The only thing I like better than singing this song is acting it out on the dance floor with an enthusiastic male partner.
If ever there were a litmus test I failed for having been even remotely with-it in the 90s, this is it. The grunge scene. Being "alternative". Didn't get it then, don't get it now. Although I like some individual Nirvana songs, the band just personifies my own personal teenage alienation: that I was alienated by the kids who were into all the bands who were singing about being alienated. Ironic much?

1st-Jul-2010 03:12 pm - Conversations with the body
Around 8 or 9 this morning, or whenever it was perial attempted to rouse me into consciousness.

Me: Okay, body, we can get up now. I managed to get us to sleep at like before one a.m. last night by starting around 10:30, so we're rested, right? Let's get up now.
Body: BWAAAHAHAHA! I don't think so.
Me: No, really, body, I have things I wanna get done today. Let me up!
Body: Consciousness is a privelege, beeyotch, and you ain't earned it.

When I finally get out of bed:

Me: WTF, body??? It's almost 2:30 in the afternoon!
Body: You only think you're calling the shots around here, lady.

Long story short, insomnia + low-grade fever really sucks. I was thinking a few days ago that the fever might be a sign of fighting off a UTI, but those parts haven't made any complaints in the last day or two. However, I do seem to be increasingly sniffly, and my ears are making the squidgy noise again. *sigh* Time to call my otolaryngologist... *headdesk*

Now to work up the motivation for a shower, 'cuz the only thing worse than feeling sick is feeling sick *AND* filthy.
annamatic may hate these guys for being the ostensibly self-proclaimed "quirkiest quirkers who ever did quirk", but I adore 'em. A bunch of childhood and high school friends who've gone through most of the important phases of life making music together. The bass player's brother was in the band back in the early years, so they spend the first couple minutes of this video goofing on his wacky facial expressions. This is my favorite song by them, and there doesn't seem to be a video, so we get a recent-ish live performance instead.

Would that there actually were such a beastie. I've had insomnia the last three nights in a row, and I feel hellacious.

I have this 2-CD set called "Bedtime Beats" from Rhino Records, full of classical music at the "magical" tempo of 60 beats per second, which is supposed to help you fall asleep because of its proximity to resting heart rate, yada yada. It's relaxing, I'll grant, but I don't know if it's actually worth the warning label it bears, that you shouldn't listen to it while driving.

At any rate, my favorite track off the first CD is Fauré's "Pavane" (not to be confused with Ravel's "Pavane for a Dead Princess", which is what I thought it was until just now when I was trying to find it on YouTube). Here, apparently, is a recording of the composer himself playing it on the piano, though I actually do prefer the more lush instrumental arrangements.

Or in this case, can't help moving my body to any time I hear it.

28th-Jun-2010 03:08 pm - Sad news, strange news
I just received word today that our former kitty Spike was hit by a car yesterday and didn't survive. I got the news from his former new mommy, a Ravelry-friend of mine, by email this morning. For as much as I am a darn-near-atheist, the same part of me that fervently believes in Santa Claus for two or so months per year (speaking of which, I really need to get one of those "I Believe!" badges to put on my button jacket) also believes that even bratty little kitties such as Spikey go to kittycat heaven where the mice are plentiful, fat and tasty, and all the cat-hating humans are sentenced to an eternity of waiting hand and foot on their every whim. So there. Rest in piece in an eternally sunny spot, Spike-ums. Dexter is alive, well, and bordering on decadently spoiled (got to see her last night), so much so as to be robbed of all kitty-dignity, and Sinister just went to her new home a bit over a week ago. I am quite bereft of kittycats now, and for all that my sinuses seem to be happy about it (and no doubt will be even happier once we give the apartment a thorough cleaning), my soul is a little sad and empty (yes, the same aforementioned part believes that I have something metaphorically resembling a soul... I refuse to let my personal beliefs be easily classified, so NYAH :P).

Of course, this Cute Overload entry just made me want to fill up that emptiness by running out and getting a ferret...

Also, just one of those little randoms-about-me: between my illness this spring and various emotional stresses, my pale facial complexion had gone on beyond "porcelain" and was beginning to border on "consumptive", so I actually have dared to stick my head outdoors without sunscreen a few times in the last few weeks. (This is pretty momentous for me... I virtually never leave the apartment without SPF15 on my face, and that's what I choose if it's cloudy.) I seem to be reapproaching "porcelain", but of course will stop well before reaching "sun-kissed". Also, as I've just recently read and loved the first two books in the "Parasol Protectorate" series by Gail Carriger, books set in a wonderful fantasy-steampunk Victorian world with a fantastic female main character, I now really want to invest in parasols. And make myself custom-fitting opera gloves. But definitely the parasols.
I pondered putting this on Day 4, a song that makes you sad, but for as many lyrics as it has, I thought it better to put it on today.

I know them all. I can sing them all. However, it's rare that I can sing them all in succession without getting totally choked up, or even bursting into tears if my depression's up. I defy anyone with a heart to listen to it and not at least get some darn dust in their eyes, especially if they've ever loved a soldier or veteran.

But the question haunted every heart
That lived that wondrous night
Whose family have I fixed within my sights?


Each Christmas come since World War One
I've learned its lessons well
That the one who call the shots
Won't be among the dead and lain
And on each end of the rifle
We're the same

If ever I learn to play the guitar, this song will be my #1 motivation for learning, and the first complex song I will tackle. Because, as John says in this particular performance of a song that's been in my heart for over twenty years now, this is a story that deserves to be told, by people just like me, 365 days a year.
For those who don't know, my hometown of Winfield, KS is home to the Walnut Valley Festival, one of the major stops on the bluegrass/folk/acoustic circuit. The festival was a mainstay of my younger years, and in 2008, I got to go again for the first time since high school. There are wonderful artists who regularly grace the festival such as Tom Chapin and John McCutcheon, and the Dixie Chicks even played back in the day when they were still a bluegrass band!

This, to me, is a song that so perfectly reminds me of festival: not because it's necessarily a prototypical example of the sort of song you'll hear at WVF, but because I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The ultimate tale of star-crossed romance -- "The Battle Beast and Barbie"!

I really, really wanted to put in the supremely bizarre video for "E-ore" by Ravi & DJ Løv for the fact that it reminds me of Oslo, but I cannot for the life of me find it online anywhere.

So, I had a flash of inspiration, and recalled that the swing-revival craze was in full, um, swing... during the year I lived in Berkeley, and The Hot Band at the time was Squirrel Nut Zippers. Having loved old-school swing since I was in my early teen years, I adored SNZ, and still have no idea why I got rid of their CDs (I'm guessing: I sold them because I needed money). So here's a song that reminds me of Berkeley:

There are many songs that remind me of people I love, or of people I've lost, but necessity demands that I choose only one. Therefore, I choose this song, for the fact that it reminds me of my darling Li'l SIs (in spirit if not blood) Maria, aka cassiopeja. We originally met on the LiveJournal Denmark community, and then bonded over our mutual love of the musical Chess. This was in 2004, and the rest is history: almost six years of fantastic friendship (only six? feels like decades...), shoes, LUSH, Babylon 5, Chess, fan fiction, and the little sister I always wanted. We've always wanted to sing this together, but Maria's not so confident about the state of her voice since having her tonsils out. Nevertheless, I hope we do manage to someday. I love you, sweetie!

This, of course, is the original:

The beauty of this meme is that it sends me looking for videos to songs that I've never gone looking for before, which leads to all manner of wonderful and unexpected discoveries. Such as Susan Boyle getting to sing a duet with her idol and role model, Elaine Page (who originated the role of Florence):

I also stumbled entirely unexpectedly over a live version where John Barrowman sings it together with Daniel Boys! I love gender-switching songs, especially when the result makes them gay or lesbian in intent. :D

And, inevitably, there were fan-videos made. It is John Barrowman, after all. This one was the best, in my opinion:

Looking back I could have played things differently
I was just a little careless...
Now at least I know
I know him well
Usually I don't list chow-chows among the breeds of dogs I covet/plan to own, despite their wicked-cool nearly-black tongues, but the opportunity to engage in a bit of furmiliation and make them look like this might be enough to change my mind....
annamatic took Travelin' Soldier, which is a really good one for this day... catch me in the right (wrong?) mood, and it can literally make me sob.

I had another idea for today's song, but I realized that it's not only lyrics-rich, but I know them all, so I'm gonna save it for Day 8.

This song makes me more like bittersweet-sad, as opposed to have-to-fight-off-tears-sad, but it still makes me sad, for a number of different reasons.

Inside my heart is breaking
My makeup may be flaking
But my smile still stays on
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