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30 Days of Music Meme, Day 27: A song you wish you could play 
17th-Jul-2010 12:59 pm
I've always regretted not sticking with the cello. Unfortunately, in 5th grade orchestra, rehearsal was in the half hour before school started, and my mom had to put up with enough bitching and moaning to get me to school at 8am, let alone to have me lugging a cello to school at 7:30, so she let me talk her into quitting. Wish she'd stuck to her guns on that one... I would consider my life greatly enriched if ever I'd had the opportunity to play this piece.

Also, if you've never watched the film Hilary and Jackie, about the brilliant cellist Jacqueline du Pré, I strongly encourage you to do so. Here's a snippet that can give you some idea of the raw emotional power of Emily Watson's brilliant performance:

17th-Jul-2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
Even though I was always much more of an ensemble player than a soloist, I bet that at one point when I was good at cello I might have been able to learn this. It's beautiful. DuPre was always one of my favorite cellist soloists, along with Stjepan Hauser, who played the Kol Nidrei in my post on the cello.
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